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Quinn Aden is a professional Toronto Photographer, covering the GTA and the surrounding area. He has also shot all across Canada and he is able to travel to your conference, wherever it is!

Toronto Congress Centre – Toronto Conference Photographer

Quinn has shot dozens of conferences at the Toronto Congress Centre, and is currently booking 2019 conferences at the Toronto Congress Centre. Planning your conference at the Toronto Congress Centre? Contact me to discuss your photography options!

Why You Should Book A Professional Photographer for Your Conference

Ultimately, it comes down to quality, and peace of mind. We use top of the line, professional equipment, which allows us to capture the best possible images. That, combined with our decades of refined expertise results in images that you are proud to share on your website, social media, and catalogues.

As you know, conferences can be hectic at times. Once you give us a list of what you want covered, your job is done. You can check photography off of your list of priorities, because you can have confidence that we will capture everything you need.

When you work with us for the first time, we fully expect that you will be checking in with us. And maybe even the 10th time you work with us you might be checking in. We don’t mind whatsoever! But, it isn’t necessary, as we are extremely self sufficient. We know you are busy, and we try to bother you as little as possible.

Hiring Your Toronto Photographer – Why Quinn Aden Creative?

What sets us apart from other photographers? Why us?

There are plenty of extremely talented photographers in the city. I believe that if you are paying top dollar for a photographer, we should all be able to deliver top notch photos. So then, how do you choose which photographer is right for you?

To me, it comes down to personality, work ethic, and a general understanding of the given situation. Myself and my team are extremely confident photographers, all the while being very personable. I make it a point to become a part of your team while I am shooting your conference. In my mind, I work for your organization while I’m on duty. I may not be a staff member, but I consider myself a representative of your organization.

toronto conference photographer

Reading the Room, Understanding the Situation

This is so important as a conference photographer. I have experienced it all. It is so important for the photographer to read the room and understand the situation. If someone is giving an emotional speech and starts to cry, I don’t stand up in front of the entire room and get all up in their grill and start taking photos. Of course, I’ll capture the moment, but I will do it quietly with a long lens, so that I am not putting the person on the spot.

Another thing that us event photographers constantly encounter is people whom do not want their photos taken. This has to be respected at ALL TIMES, and I don’t take it lightly. There is no need to try to understand why they don’t want their photo taken. If it’s clear they don’t want it taken, move on. If, however, it is someone that is on my shot list, I will explain the situation to them. If there are adament about not wanting their photo taken, I will let you (my client) know.

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