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Corporate Video Production

Having video content for your brand is more essential today than it ever has been. Not only does having video on your website increase visibility for search engines, it is also an important tool for engagement with your potential customers or clients.

We don’t need to take hours of time from your President and CEO in order to achieve a top-notch video. Often we can shoot these videos in one to two days!

Talking Heads and Interviews

We have filmed hundreds of subjects for documentary, commercial and corporate purposes. Some are very comfortable on camera and some are not. We ensure everyone is represented in a professional manner, and we make all of our on camera subjects as comfortable as possible at all times.

In our editing, we use the talking heads strategically in order to keep the audience as engaged as possible.

More Affordable Than You Might Think

No, video production doesn’t have to cost your company or organization tens of thousands of dollars! Believe it or not, many of my existing and potential clients have that perception. 

We offer affordable rates for our video production services. We can typically get a powerful website video done for under $2000. And that investment will go a long way. Search engines love video, and so do audiences and potential clients.